My Planning Process

“Financial security is often a major objective in each of our lives.  How that security is defined varies among individuals, families, and businesses. Through my unique process I provide appropriate recommendations based on their specific goals and objectives.” 


My 3 step approach is complimentary and designed to establish and maintain a relationship of trust and to help you put a strategy in place that can enable you to reach your financial goals. I spend the majority of my time focused on your specific situations and understanding your ambitions and objectives.


Step 1 FACT GATHERING – I begin with a complete and thorough understanding of your financial goals and objectives. We discuss current financial situations as well as future hopes and ambitions.  Futher analysis and conversations focus on individual aspirations for you, your family and, if a business owner is involved, how you envision the growth and success of your business. I offer open dialogue that ranges from meeting greatest challenges to reaching financial dreams. The fact gathering process is the most beneficial piece because the more information I have the more useful and valuable I can be to you.

Step 2  RECOMMENDATIONS –  Once general guidelines are set for what you want to achieve, I develop strategies and implementation steps to attain the desired outcomes. Discussions include Retirement Planning, Will and Trust design and funding, Life Insurance, Education Planning and Wealth Management. I make referrals to other knowledgeable professionals such as attorneys and accountants when appropriate.

Step 3  REVIEW– I highly recommend a thorough review to make sure you are on track to meet your short-term and long-term goals and visions. Have you purchased a home, recently married, changed careers or had a new baby? We should inspect, analyze and revise your personal information every six months to ensure that you are making smart decisions about your financial future.

*The analysis and recommendations are not intended to replace the need for independent tax, accounting, or legal review. Individuals are advised to seek the counsel of such licensed professionals.


More About Capitol Financial Solutions

Capitol Financial Solutions is an independent financial services firm with a team of experienced professionals who are licensed and trained to help their clients achieve their financial goals. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, the firm represents $1.1 billion* in client assets with offices in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.  The firm's reputation is based on the strong relationships formed with clients in combination with a commitment to service excellence. Capitol Financial Solutions provides clients with a dynamic opportunity encompassing value-added support services, an open architecture of financial services offerings, and a strong, ever-growing team of financial professionals.  To learn more, visit

* Assets include annuities, brokerage, advisory, retirement plan assets, and life insurance cash value (as of February 2015).